Google adwords works successfully for any kind of business, only if you are working efficiently and smartly. I have compiled 4 ways Google Adwords rocks, which will make you understand the essentials of Pay Per Clicks.

4 ways Google Adwords Rocks

  1. Make your offerings very clear and Appropriate keyword Bidding – There are different methods (i.e. Exact, Phrase, Broad, Negative and Modified Broad.) to include keywords in ad groups. Google is very fair and relevance is the most vital metric, which  everyone should understand, as a winning strategy. Low traffic is due to lack of understanding about the keyword Match Type, which can be overcome smartly.
  1. Landing page is foremost – it will be a huge waste of money if every single click will remain unconverting . Hence maintain a high quality score of your webpage’s or landing page’s and make  very possible efforts to improve it.  Optimize your landing page, you have maximum 10 sec to make your visitors to buy/call/sell you products.
  1. Local PPC – Go Local if you wanted to focus locally. The biggest example of local Pay Per Click (PPC) is Zomato, the brand  which is focusing on the Local PPC concept , and making unbelievable profits.
  1. Ad positions : The advertisements which are on top 3 positions has 90 % higher click through rate and conversion rates. Quality Score is a major factor and play an important role in ad positioning.  Quality Score (QC) is all about how relevant is our content and context of the advertisement.  Quality Score increase the conversion rate, decreases the bounce rate, increases the content & context quality and increases the page loading time as well.

The bottom of the line is that, use all the features of Google Adwords efficiently and smartly. Adwords may be comparatively expensive for newly startup companies but it is surely effective if done correctly  and give you good quality traffic.

Based on the above top four  points i have covered,  Google adwords is :  

  •      Faster & easier than SEO to show results,
  •      More engaging and have  more conversions rate  than organic search results,
  •      Flexible , Scale & Measurable