Top Internet Entrepreneur for small business in Mumbai India, USA, UK , Australia, Canada

An integrated digital marketing agency in Mumbai, proud of our online advertising expertise, creative designs and ability to strategize your small business model to accomplish the revenue.

Dr. Menka Yuvraj Varma - Internet Entrepreneur & Founder of Fortune Digital India. She is more focused towards increasing the online presence of the small business on Internet to double the profits year on year. 

Dr. Menka Yuvraj Verma an efficient digital marketer with creative & new business ideas for small and medium-sized enterprises in pursuit to create a powerful Online & Social media presence. She is having 4 years of corporate experience before boarding on the journey of Internet Entrepreneurship and Digital Marketing Trainer.  Her 7 years of expertise in Internet marketing includes WordPress, SEO, Google Adwords (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media Consultation for medium and small business in India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada and UAE. A majority of companies has started taking the advantage of her strategic approach to digitizing their Business. Closer Look of Digital Marketing Portfolio.

Since 2012, Fortune Digital India is a pioneer in Advanced Digital Marketing Industry, which is a part of Group of Fortune Bullion India Pvt. Ltd., located in Mumbai, India. We are one of the fastest growing Indian digital marketing company, providing the top digital services for both national and international clients, in the B2B and B2C marketing arenas, for large scale and small business. 

We having a unique business model for new age and a leading facilitator of quality digital marketing services across the worldwide. We have been passionate in providing our premium services professionally for the individual or a company who are starting a small business. We are having more than 200 satisfied clients in India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and HongKong. 

Fortune Digital India having an excellent team and qualified digital marketing professionals, who have helped to some of the India’s most prestigious brands to set benchmarks for others to follow. We at Fortune Digital India, understanding the needs of clients, keep their requirements always on top priority and working with them, alone or as a partner, to find the perfect solution for the projects. 

Fortune Group Of Companies

Fortune group of companies continuously growing and diversifying its activities and services in various sectors. We have grown proficiently, as we always follow industry standards and stick to our core values.

  1. Fortune Bullion India Pvt. Ltd. - launched in 2013, managed by a board of directors and successfully catering ONLY THE PREMIUM customers to the Finance, Bullions and Infrastructure Industries.
  2. N.B.S. Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. - launched in 2014, is a Casting and Production company dedicated to providing casting solutions to aspiring talents who have dreams to enter BOLLYWOOD. New Bollywood Stars is powered and operated by more than 50 renowned Casting Directors of esteemed Production Houses which are continuously engaged in making Films, TV Serial and Albums.
  3. F9 Marketing India. Pvt. Ltd. - launched in 2014, efficiently delivering the marketing solutions.

In addition to these major achievements, Fortune Group is continuously diversifying into new areas and now Group has come up with a new division and is engaged into availing quality Digital Marketing & Advertising Solutions (Fortune Digital India), worldwide, which is majorly catering to small business.