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Internet Entrepreneur, Blogger & Founder of Fortune Digital India. More focused towards increasing the online presence of the Small & Medium Business Enterprises on the Internet to double the profits year on year, while creating a powerful Online & Social media presence. She has served her Digital Marketing skill sets to more than 100 companies in India, USA, UK, Australia, Canada, and UAE, in the arena of B2B and B2C sector.

How to Install WordPress Plugin to Enhance Website Functionality

Plugins are tools which provide extra functionality to your website.  To install WordPress plugin is the most important thing every beginner needs to learn. So, do you want to get the answer of "how to Install WordPress Plugin"?Plugins allow you to Plugins allow you to add new functions & features to WordPress such as contact [...]

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Social media is the most powerful tool for business

Social media is one of the most useful & powerful branding, marketing and advertising tools available for your business. To get massive success on social media, each & every post needs to have value to the audiences. This helps you to drive traffic on your website and increase leads generation.These tips can help to grow [...]

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Facebook Advertising Tips 2017

Are you deciding where, how & when to advertise your business online? Facebook Advertising is the best available option. Facebook is one of the most popular websites on the Internet. With approximately 1.28 billion monthly active users, Facebook is the 2nd-most visited website on the Internet.  All those eyeballs mean plenty of exposure for your ads. There [...]

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Why I Recommend Top 3 Email Marketing Platform for Your Small Business

Why I recommend top 3 Email Marketing Platform for Your Small Business? Experts agree that the most effective way to build sales for a small business is still email marketing.  It doesn’t cost much, it’s relatively easy to do, and you can measure results and tweak your campaigns to get the best bang for your [...]

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Top 5 advantages of having professional website for a business

Do you have a business BUT don’t have a website? If your answer is yes, it’s almost as if your business doesn't exist, or you are not serious about your business. Below I have mentioned the top 5 advantages of professional website for your business- 1.GAIN CREDIBILITY FOR SMALL BIZ - Your small business will gain [...]

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Captifire-Best landing Page Creator to Generate Unlimited Leads

Captifire - Create Super Powerful lead Generation Page within A Minute. Its an Ultimate Landing, Squeeze and Bridge Page Builder tool. What’s the Use of Captifire and Why would anyone need It? Captifire is one of the highly recommended software tool by digital marketing experts. Its ultimate features makes much easier to create super engaging high [...]

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Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips for B2B Business

In the journey of my social media marketing consultation in B2B  arena, the most frequently asked question is "how successful is Social media in B2B?"  So, to sum it up, i am writing this blog to satisfy B2B Marketers  craving for social media.  If you are just starting to incorporate social media strategy into your B2B lead [...]

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Top 10 SEO Tools to Make Google Friendly Website

According to the survey in 2015, the Online marketing industry is the most dynamic and result driven sector across the world. 96% of the top most agencies providing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services. 83% providing Search Engine Marketing (SEM) services and 80% of top players focusing on Social Media Marketing (SMM). To create a SEO friendly [...]

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4 Ways Google AdWords Rocks

Google adwords works successfully for any kind of business, only if you are working efficiently and smartly. I have compiled 4 ways Google Adwords rocks, which will make you understand the essentials of Pay Per Clicks. Make your offerings very clear and Appropriate keyword Bidding – There are different methods (i.e. Exact, Phrase, Broad, Negative [...]

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