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How Bing SEO is Different from Google SEO – Bing SEO vs Google SEO

Bing SEO vs Google SEO!!! Bing SEO is Different from Google SEO Significantly Bing SEO and Google SEO differ from each other significantly.  But if you know about Google SEO on an advanced level or invested in it then you can easily figure out the search results on the various other search engines too. This [...]

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Top 5 Best Rich Snippets Plugins for WordPress: Schema Markup Made Easy

Wondering how to get those enhanced SERP displays? Rich Snippets are a type of on-page markup that site operators can add to their existing HTML, which in turn allow search engines to better understand what information is contained on each web page. They are the extra bits of text that appear under search results. So, it is [...]

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How to Add Free Akismet API Key for WordPress Blog

Akismet is the industry-leading spam defense service for WordPress, currently protecting more than 9 million sites. It also offer advanced backup and security features through their sister service, VaultPress, for a complete security solution. Akismet is one of  the most powerful WordPress anti-spam plugins, which is highly recommended. As soon as your WordPress blog goes live, [...]

How to Add Google Analytics in WordPress Website to track visitors

Google Analytics for WordPress by Yoast is a powerful way to monitor your site's statistics. As flexible content publishing software,WordPress provides a variety of ways to add Google Analytics (GA) to your web pages. The most common question asked is "How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress With a Simple Plugin"? Adding Google Analytics to [...]

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How To Install WordPress Theme in Simple Way

In these days if you have a business you are aware that having a website is of a great importance for you. How to Install WordPress Theme sometime is every confusing. There are two ways to install WordPress Theme. In WordPress, the Interface is very intuitive & user-friendly. You need to simply log in to [...]

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How to Install WordPress Plugin to Enhance Website Functionality

Plugins are tools which provide extra functionality to your website.  To install WordPress plugin is the most important thing every beginner needs to learn. So, do you want to get the answer of "how to Install WordPress Plugin"?Plugins allow you to Plugins allow you to add new functions & features to WordPress such as contact [...]

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Top 5 advantages of having professional website for a business

Do you have a business BUT don’t have a website? If your answer is yes, it’s almost as if your business doesn't exist, or you are not serious about your business. Below I have mentioned the top 5 advantages of professional website for your business- 1.GAIN CREDIBILITY FOR SMALL BIZ - Your small business will gain [...]

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