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We boost your brand's online presence with an effective Email Marketing campaign and robust digital marketing to generate more leads 

Fortune Digital India is a leader in managing large scale and small scale email marketing campaigns, designing newsletters, digital ads and all the online marketing campaigns. We are excelling in the exploitation of complete digital marketing channels for optimal advertising, brand positioning, and internet marketing of your brand to strengthen online visibility. Fortune Digital India, offering you a wide range of digital marketing solutions which includes SEO, Google Advertising (PPC), Social Media Marketing, SMO, email marketing and Web development services. 

We are offering you a wide range of digital marketing solutions which includes SEO, Google Adwords (PPC marketing), Social Media Marketing, SMO, email marketing and Web development services. 

Fortune Digital India is a foremost digital marketing agency in Mumbai, handling large and small scale Facebook ads, Google ads, display ads and social media campaigns, in India, USA, UK, Canada, HongKong, Australia, and UAE.

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The Complete solution digital marketing & advertising at Fortune Digital India empowers global clients to excel at online marketing platform, increase brand awareness and achieve the internet marketing goals. We make judicious use of your expenditure on digital activities for branding and increase the engagement level & analytical competencies.

If you are looking for quick, effective, reliable and long lasting digital marketing solution and wish to top the charts of Internet marketing. Then yes, you have landed the right place. "7 out of 10 marketers have no understanding of social media conversions around their brands"

Fortune Digital India understands your business dynamics and offers the best Digital Marketing Strategies you had ever experienced. Driving highly targeted traffic on the website is the result of putting continuous efforts in placing and move ahead with a lot of strategies. We at Fortune Digital India working to fulfill your goals & targets and simultaneously increases your brand value, reputation, and sales volume.

Every business giant come across with brainstorming about the few basic questions like, how to drive the targeted traffic on a web page? How to reduce the tradition marketing budget? Is there any solution to reduce the cost and increase the online visibility? Any tried and tested strategy to maximize the profit at low cost? Any much more...


Featured Digital Marketing Services

Leads Generation. Email Marketing. Brands Promotions. Mobile Marketing. Social Media Marketing

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Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the most preferred tool for online marketing to directly market the commercial massages to the group of people via email. Every single massage sent to the potential clients considered via email marketing. It is the perfect means to build the loyalty, gain the trust and creating the brand awareness. Email marketing is must for sharing our company's authenticated information, news updates, amendments,  upcoming offers and many more. Fortune Digital India offers vigorous email marketing to acquire the existing customers and generate new leads & clients  with valid email database.

Email marketing can be done by various types of emails i.e transactional emails to facilitate, confirm or complete the transaction upon which clients has  agreed earlier. Direct emails is to solely communicate the promotional offers like any new or upcoming offer, any special offer on services or products.

Brand Promotion

Brand promotion is all about creating an unique brand image of any organization to maximise good visibility and reputation either online or offline. Establishing a positive brand image of a company works alot.  Digital marketing is an excellent way to go, if awareness is what you are after. Here we create a positive brand image of any company by laser targeting the audiences and  create awareness campaigns with profitable results.

A strong, consistent brand built up over time, is the best guarantee of future prospects and earnings. It assists in company's business promotions and enables the company owners to retain their customers for longer time (customer loyalty). To maximise the online branding presence there are alot of effective ways such as effectively working website, viral video marketing, consistent efforts, social media, great quality content & regular updates of press release.

Film Promotion

Fortune Digital India have highly talented team to strategically create an exceptional online campaigns for Film/Movie & TV show promotions online. Viral video advertising, doing something remarkable, smart publicity tactics, song /video listening & advertising, audience engagement on social sites, increase fan followers, regular press conferences & interview online publishing  tactics and many more, smart moves can make a movie or TV show a big hit of the year.

We are experienced in real time tracking the campaigns, run the relevant contest online and bridge marketing for movies and TV shows promotions and increase the reach  to maximum audiences.

Display Advertising

Display advertising relies on certain elements such as video, images and video to effectively communicate an advertising massage to the audiences. According to marketers, Twitter and Facebook will spend 35% on display ads by 2017. Every year spending on multi-screen  display advertising in increasing to get better viewability.

Click Through Rate (CTR) for different kinds of display advertisements, varies alot and depends on so many factors. However, the CTR on Facebook is very high in comparison to other social media sited, used for display ads.

Lead Generation

Online lead generation is the only way where you can tap into a very huge global market. Now the elaborating sales team efforts and cold sales calling are slowly fall back into the past. There are specifically designed highly effective online marketing tools are available to get more and more leads for any business.  It depends on business owners to select the best obtainable and continent technique to cater their unique business needs.

92% of marketers believes that creating a good content is a great way to generate better leads through SEO. 72 % of marketers plan to increase their digital marketing budget specifically for PPC and Social Media Ads. Facebook and Twitter are huge market palaces and the preferred choice of marketers.

Online Reputation Management

As a company or business owner you must actively think about the online reputation management & consequences of your online activities. You must be conscious about your image on internet. Fortune Digital India assist you in maintaining your stellar image and regularly monitor your reputation. Organization's online image lives for longer, hence managing the reputation should be the top priority.

If you have any reputation problem, we develop strategies for dealing with your negative brand image and  reputation of your services. 87% organizations believes that reputation of CEO is an important part of company's reputation. 80% of companies will face such crises in next 5 years.

Content Marketing

In the world of Digital marketing, content marketing in particular offers a competitive landscape where the efficiency and effectiveness offered by the right mix of tools can make a huge difference. Fortune digital India can generate thousands of  clickable ideas for your content. We uses powerful tools to create unique content and promote that content.  According to the recent study, 90% of  businesses that are actively involved in content marketing says that, it really works to acquire and attract a clearly defined audience.

80% of organizations planing to increase spending on content marketing in 2016. 73% B2B organizations have someone in place currently to oversee the content marketing strategy.

Online Advertising

Online advertising have made extremely simplified  scenario of marketing and advertising trends in 2015.
 By spending on traditional marketing brands now can no longer get succeed.  75% of spending on social ads is accounted for Facebook. Fortune Digital India strategize your ad campaigns on Google ads, (PPC Ads), Facebook and major social marketing sites, with 99% success rate.

We dedicatedly define the target audiences, increase click through rate and conversion rate,  in minimum assigned budget. Reach millions of potential customers at lowest price by promoting you brands with Fortune Digital India. We monitor the ads and provide regular growth and analysis reports.

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