Google Analytics Consultation for Tracking Your Website Audiences & Digital Marketing Campaigns

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Google Analytics is premium consulting service offered by Fortune Digital India to analyze the website traffic and various sources of traffic on your website. We track the traffic variations, analyze the real-time data and generate the weekly reports (or as per the demand and requirements). Your goal achievement is our target. We know the value of money and save your Online Marketing and Advertising Budget up to 50 %. We are analyzing your online traffic dynamics by our Analytics Offerings.

We at Fortune Digital India will give you a full insight of visitors browsing. Our Analytical Cloud services, allow you to monitor the behaviour of every single visitor, in terms of demographics, geo, interest, technology, benchmarking and mobile.

Website Google AnalyticsGoogle analytics services strengthen the confidence in online digital marketing and monitor your website's performance and progress. It will make you understand the bounce rate, traffic flow, popularity of specific web page and tons of information about the visitors.

It will make you understand the bounce rate, traffic flow, popularity of specific web page and tons of information about the visitors.

Advanced analytical is a state-of-art tool, which increases the creditability of your online marketing. Our expert team tracks the real-time social engagement, your advertisement performance rate, web content efficiency and conversion rate of your website.

Google Analytics Reporting and Consulting

Big Data Reporting

In Brief, Google Analytics Report measures the Site Performance (site downloading speed, web page error etc.), Acquisition Patterns (Traffic Source), Behaviour Patterns (each web page performance),  Conversions Rate and Bounce Rate (Visitors exited the site from home page).

Google Analytics Big Report Data

Google Analytics is to get full insights of your website's performance. Its all about from where your visitors are? Why is website conversions rate too low? How to increase the lead conversion rate? What to do? When will be expected?

Boost your web traffic analysis with Fortune Digital India, Web Analytics Services. We Make Informed Marketing Decisions & Maximize ROI. Outsourcing Web Analytics Services to Us. Fortune Digital India provides completely customized reports to our clients.

Google Analytics reports helps you to identify poorly performing website pages with techniques such as funnel visualization, where visitors came from (referrers), how long they stayed, their demographics & geographical position. It also provides more advanced features, including custom visitor segmentation. Google Analytical Reports will assist you in: 

  • Optimization Internet Marketing
  • Visitors interests and their queriesWebsite analytics
  • Identifying key performance indicators of website
  • Suggesting website content optimization (for mobile and desktop)
  • Landing page optimization
  • Real time visitors location, keyword search, page active and social traffic
  • Adwords campaign tracking
  • E-commerce (product performance, transactions, time of purchase) tracking
  • Re-structuring the site, if needed

Why Fortune Digital India

We are Google Certified consultants and have highly qualified professionals dedicated for Google Analytics. We do provide our services round the clock and offers consultation for tracking gap analysis, online marketing strategy review, configuration and implementation.

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