Bing SEO vs Google SEO!!! Bing SEO is Different from Google SEO Significantly

Bing SEO and Google SEO differ from each other significantly.  But if you know about Google SEO on an advanced level or invested in it then you can easily figure out the search results on the various other search engines too. This suggests for the reason that Google and Bing have many common search ranking signals.

Bing and Yahoo are undoubtedly two famous names. To a great surprise, they contribute about 33.6 % to the total searches in the U.S.

Bing brands itself as a “decision engine”, targeting to present results with more real-world context than just finding text on a page. Bing also rules Yahoo’s search.

Bing is Microsoft’s search engine, earlier called Windows Live Search and MSN Search.

If you sign up for services like Amazon, Starbucks, GameStop, or even donate to your favorite charity, you can be tracked in every Bing search results.

In certain industries, the percentile is very high when it comes to the total searches related to education, fashion, telecommunication, automotive, and the likes.

We often forget to discover and recognize the business opportunities which are provided by various search engines other than Google.

Here we have listed a few points that will clearly show you How Bing SEO is Different from Google SEO?

Meta Keywords as a Raking signal

As specified above, both the search engines Bing and Google share so many common ranking signals.

Bing considers Meta Keywords to position substantial influence on the search engine results.

Unlike Bing, Google doesn’t consider Meta Keyword as its ranking signal.

Keywords Requirements for Optimum search results

Google’s search concept basically relies on the Semantic search theory- it focuses more on accuracy. Google tries to sense the intention behind the search. For this matter, the visitor is not required to enter the exact keywords for the right results. On the contrary, Bing requires the visitor to enter the most exact keywords for the optimum search results.

Moreover, if you are searching for something which can yield multiple meanings for a particular search, then Google makes use of Contextual clues whereas Bing focuses more on the local search results first.


PageRank by Backlinks

Both Google and Bing give enough weight to the Backlinks. They basically are signs that indicate that your content proved useful to the visitors or the information provided by you is authentic and trustworthy.

Google accomplishes this with the help of PageRank whereas Bing relies on the age of the domain and other related extensions.

Visually appealing Multimedia Content

When it comes to multimedia content, both Google and Bing share a huge difference.  Now, looking forward to Bing SEO vs Google SEO. Bing supports audio, video, graphics web content.

It can also comprehend the content on the Flash Websites. That means, if you are looking for business through Bing and your website has a great deal of multimedia content, then it will be encouraged via Bing SEO.

Google primarily focuses on textual content and treats it as a priority, while Bing encourages more of the visually appealing and the multimedia content.

Bing’s video search is much better than the Google video search.


Bing towards Social Signals

Bing is much more possessive about the Social Signals whereas Google pays very less attention to the Social Signals. These consider it certainly significant.

In the long run business, your organic rankings might see an uptick, due to your big social influence.

Bing has officially mentioned that Bing will use social shares to understand the popularity of any page among users. If your content is shared widely by users, it sends positive signals to Bing.

Google ponders Facebook pages and Twitter as merely indexed pages. While to facilitate business by Bing SEO, you can to gather audience, tweets, likes, shares on various social media platforms.


So, the above mentioned are a few differences that make Google SEO differ from that of Bing SEO. Hence I hope you understood very well the Bing SEO vs Google SEO.

If you are using so many Google services (such as Gmail, Google Now, and Google Contacts etc.) , it’s hard to ever want to pull away from Google search results.

Instead of Bing, Google’s shopping suggestions show up more often. And they’re generally much better.