In these days  if you have a business you are aware that having a website is of a great importance for you. In WordPress, the Interface is very intuitive & user-friendly. You need to simply login to your WordPress site and add new pages or  plugin without paying anything to your website developer. It features makes it easy to use, easy for you to create or update pages on your business website

It’s  features makes it easy to use, easy for you to create or update pages on your business website. Installing a WordPress theme is super simple here. In this blog, we will provide you with detailed step by step instructions on how to install a WordPress theme. We will cover three different ways to install a WordPress theme.

To install the WordPress Theme, the first thing you need to do is to login to your website dashboard. Now you need to follow the easy steps to instal the WordPress Theme:-

  1. Go to Appearance -> Themes.
  2. You can see here all the themes you have currently installed. Click on the Install Themes tab, to install the theme as per your choice. Here, You can Install the Theme by Two ways

a. By choosing and Install a theme from the official WordPress theme directory.

Its is the easiest way of installation just by searching the theme. You can Choose any theme as per your requirement. Click on Install >>> Click on Activate >>> Check you website for the New Look.

b. By Uploading WordPress theme you have already downloaded in your System.

If you want to Install a theme other than directory, then  you can simply upload it by clicking  on Upload link at the top of the page >>>click the Choose File button>>>>press the Activate button.

And It’s DONE!!! It’s That Simple to Upload any new WordPress theme.